Our Mission

Lianimals Ranch began in 2008 on 10 acres of nearly naked desert landscape with only a few poorly-established, water-hogging trees and shrubs that had no business in the scorching Mojave Desert.  Thus began our search for drought-tolerant, mostly-native plant species that not only thrive with very little water but, also create habitat for desert dwelling wildlife.  The Lianimals Ranch dream has morphed into an educational and conservational endeavor involving the study and propagation of unique southwest desert species.  We rely on plant and seed sales and on cooperators and contributors like you to join in the challenge of making native plants the first choice for every gardener!

Our Products and Services

Contact Us to arrange for customized orders. 

Seed Collection, Sales and Trading

We sustainably harvest seed from a variety of unique and beautiful desert plant species from throughout the Mojave region (left, Hesperocallis undulata).  We generally have a few species available at any given time and happily accept custom orders for a variety of herbs, shrubs, sub-shrubs and trees (subject to seasonal availability).  

  • Desert (or Ajo) lily seeds now available here!  
  • Joshua tree seeds NOW available here!
  • Mojave yucca here! 

Propagation and Grow-Out services

Lianimals Ranch is just getting started with offering propagation and grow-out services for limited species.  We presently have Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia, see photo, right), Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera) Brittlebush (Encilia farinosa), Desert lily (Hesperocallis undulata) and others available for sale to your growth specifications (grow-out to seedling stage or beyond).  Contact us for a species list! 

Seed Swaps

A fun and easy way to get to know us and our seeds is to swap us!  If you have some interesting seeds (or cuttings, bulbs, rhizomes, etc.) that grow in USDA Zone 9, offer to trade us for a few seeds you'd like to try.  Just use the Contact form to get in touch! Good Trade!